ALERT: Important Notice, Assistance

ALERT – The entirety of the Auto Credit organization takes the crisis of the Corona-Virus Pandemic very seriously and urge our fellow citizens to take heed and exercise all CDC/State directives, guidelines, guidance, and recommendations with respect to curbing the epidemic for the sake of our nation, state, and local communities; as well as to protect the health of yourselves and your loved ones.

Through this trying period we remain committed to serving you to the best of our abilities in conjunction with said CDC and State directives. We ask that all involved in activities here at Auto Credit do your best to respect in person distancing, proper washing of hands and disinfecting of surfaces, coughing & sneezing into the crook of your arm or into paper products that are immediately disposed, and for any individual that is sick or even showing any kind of symptoms to remain home.

We encourage all customers making payments to please do so over the phone rather than in person, or secondarily to mail in payments and give us a call to advise that you have done so. If you are fortunate to continue working please therefore continue to make your payments due and help preserve what remains of our present economy.

If in fact you have a bon-a-fide circumstance whereby you are suddenly off work unpaid, have been laid off, or are hospitalized for example; please contact us to discuss extending you an “emergency no-fee 30 day deferment”.

With resolve, perseverance, and dedication we will survive this crisis and wish everyone the best throughout.