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  1. Finance generally
  2. Layaway Program
  3. Deferred Down Program
  4. TaxMax Program
  5. Irregular Payment Loans
  6. Commercial Customers
  7. Service Financing

Here at Auto Credit our experienced and specialized team works with dozens of national and local lenders and can qualify loan applicants for up to 84 month loans with rates as low as 2.9%.

We have financing solutions for everyone’s needs. Whether you have great credit to get into loan term low rate loans, or are in need of subprime or deep subprime BHPH (Buy here Pay here) loans, YES we can help, and even with the BHPH loans we have an average short 2 year term and lower rates than other comparable lenders in the marketplace.

Special Finance is our specialty here at Auto Credit, and we are one of the most competitive dealers in the market, getting you the best deal possible when it comes to financing and matched inventory. Not only that but when applicable, financing is also available for extended warranty products, and even our ACA program.

When it comes to our BHPH program, it is no average run of the mill product. As a licensed sales finance company product, it is highly regulated, well experienced, and a tried and true quality financing product to meet your needs. These loans are credit builders, reporting to 2 of the 3 national agencies, and importantly an internal credit builder as well which can open other opportunities down the road such as a reduced rate for your next BHPH loan.

Of course some folks need to go through the BHPH lending more than once and some don’t, but regardless it is always our goal to work with you as a building process to get you in that next better vehicle and better financing terms. We have had a great deal of success with this effort on our customers behalf and we have the flexibility and innovation to continue meeting their needs, and yours.



We work hard everyday to present our customers with the best options and the best choices available, and compliment this with some of our other non-traditional offerings:

Layaway Program – Don’t have the down payment that you need and it will take longer than can be structured with a deferred down plan, then consider locking in the vehicle you want to purchase with our layaway plan. You make payments toward it that eventually become your down payment, and as you are doing so the vehicle is considered sold.

Deferred Down Program – In order to get financing approvals, down payment are often required, and in order to work with a customer to that end, as well as how the down payment also goes to lowering your amount financed that you are paying interest on, as well as lowering your weekly biweekly or monthly payment, this program is often utilized.

TaxMax Program – One way to achieve that down payment you need is though our advance tax refund filing service. See our TaxMax page for more details.

Also consider that all 3 of these products can be utilized together and in some cases may open up avenues for you that were otherwise unavailable.

Irregular Payment Loans – Another excited financing product we have is the ability to structure irregular payments in your loan contract. Consider you are a seasonal worker who’s income is higher in the on season and lower in the off season and you are concerned that the payments for that loan approval you have will be fine in one regard but a struggle in the other regard. YES we can help. We can tailor your payments to be for example 75/week during the bad months and 125/week during the good months. How many lenders out their can or will do this for you? We can and we will!

Commercial Customers – We have had many occasions where we have assisted business customers, shop owners, farmers, churches and other non-profits with their finance needs as well. We know how to handle your tax exempt status, commercial registrations, and all other aspects of your potential purchase. So please, do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you today.

Service – Life is full of expected circumstances. One never knows when bad luck may strike and though you may try to be prepared you simply cant always be. So you need some necessary repairs but don’t have the all the money you need up front, what to do? YES we can help with that too. Inquire today and we will see what we can do to help you finance the balance and get you back on the road.



*Auto Credit is a fair lender offering its services to all potential applicants and borrowers without regard to; race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, military status, sex, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, marital status, familial status, domestic violence victim status, potential to child bear, age (provided the applicant has legal capacity to enter into a binding contract), receipt of public assistance, or the exercise of legal rights under the federal Consumer Credit Protection Act (15 U.S.C. §§ 1601 et seq.)*